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Tonight's Girlfriend

I always get what I want, it’s kind of my thing. I want the best and that’s what I’m having tonight. I want to fuck Krissy Lynn‘s fat titties and I want her to love it. I want to shove my entire cock and balls down her throat and have her ask for more. She’ll want it so bad that by the time her wet pussy gets to feel my cock plowing deep, she’ll actually beg me to give it to her. That’s what I want tonight. That’s what I’m getting!

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Milf Crashes Pool Party

Krissy Lynns daughter is having a pool party, and Krissy couldnt be more excited. Shes ready to pounce on some thick young cock, so she joins the party wearing the sluttiest bikini youve ever seen! Her daughter begs her to change, but Krissy tells her to relax. Then she gropes all her daughters young male friends, trying to feel who has the biggest dick. Finally she corners her daughters boyfriend and discovers he has the biggest cock of them all! She gives the lucky young man an underwater handjob then sneaks him into the house for a secret fuck session.

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Dirty Wives Club

Krissy Lynn has some things she wants to donate, and had setup an appointment with a mover for that company to come by today. She shows Rob everything that is leaving the house, and he lets her know it will take about an hour. Krissy goes to her bedroom and calls her husband to let him know she’s going to have some fun with Rob and will tell him all about it when he gets home. Krissy changes into some lingerie and starts masturbating on her bed luring Rob in with her loud moans. As expected, Rob goes towards her bedroom, and Krissy invites Rob to take a break with her…

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Neighbor Affair

Pete walks over to Krissy Lynn‘s because he can’t get into his house, and his wife isn’t home. Being the good neighbor that she is, Krissy invites Pete into her home to wait for his wife’s return. While catching up on what’s been happening in their lives, Krissy lets Pete in on secret that his wife told her during their barbeque they had some time ago. Pete’s wife isn’t interested in sex as much as she used to be, which explains all of his wife’s actions. Krissy uses this opportunity to offer to fulfill all of his desires with her wet pussy and warm mouth.

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Testing Her Concentration

Imagine showing up to a job interview, and while meeting your new boss, a hired hand goes down on you under the interview table… That’s exactly what happened to Krissy Lynn when she went in to sell herself at her dream job. A random guy put his face between her legs and showed her his cunnilingus skills. For as long as she could stand it, Johnny tongued her clit and when she asked him to eat her ass, he tongued her pristine butthole. Then Johnny fucked the back of her throat and bent Krissy over the table to slam her pussy. Did Krissy enjoy the raunchy fuck of her life and win the career of her dreams? Watch the full scene to find out!

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Last Stop, Buttfuck Nowhere

Krissy Lynn was hitchhiking across America, using her big tits to get rides, when Mick Blue pulled over to pick her up. She was in the car for less than five minutes before she started being disrespectful and annoying, making Mick pull over to kick her out. But when she wouldn’t leave no matter what he said, Mick decided that it was up to him to teach this horny slut a little respect! He stripped her down and then licked her pussy and asshole until she was dripping wet. Mick fucked all three of Krissy’s tight holes, and Krissy deepthroated that cock like a pro before taking it balls deep in her pink pussy and tight ass.

Last Stop, Buttfuck Nowhere starring Krissy Lynn

Vandalize My Tits

When curvy babe Krissy Lynn got busted vandalizing school property, spray-painting naked ladies all over the place, she got sent to guidance counselor Manuel Ferrara. Krissy had always been a good student before, so Manuel draws on his years of experience to figure out that what she really needs is a little attention! Manuel sucks on her big tits, worshiping those gorgeous jugs until he’s rock hard. Krissy sucks and titty fucks his big dick and then spreads her legs so she can take it balls deep in her tight little pink pussy. Finally, Manuel fires off a big load of jizz right between her big tits, and Krissy learns a valuable lesson about respecting other people’s property.

Vandalize My Tits starring Krissy Lynn

My Sisters Hot Friend

Krissy Lynn is throwing a party for Saint Patrick’s day and she had both Ryans pick up some decorations. While Mr. Driller goes to grab his balloons from the car, she makes a move on Mr. Mclane. Not to be one-upped by his buddy, Mclane goes out to grab his own. As he comes back, he catches Krissy making out with the other Ryan. She explains that she’s just a little slut and things don’t have to get awkward. She has them drop their pants and she goes in to double fist their cocks, blowing one and then the other until she’s ready to take them in both her holes at the same time! After she’s had her fill of their cocks, she drops down to take both of their loads loads on her face!

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